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Spectra2420 - 2.4GHz Industrial Wireless Modem

Compliant in many locations worldwide and readily configured to support a variety of applications, the Spectra 2420 offers the fastest communication over the longest distance in a 2.4GHz ISM-band wireless modem.

Offering a variety of sleep and sleep/sniff modes, choose the Spectra 2420 when power consumption is a concern.

Dec 5, 2017 - The MHX2420 and Spectra2420 are being discontinued. The suggested replacement product is the Nano Series n2420BF or Pico Series P2400 contact us for more details!


  • Transparent low latency link provides 230kbps data transmission
  • Communicates with virtually all PLC's, RTU's, and serial devices
  • Industrial temperature specifications
  • Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, peer-to-peer, store and forward repeater, TDMA, multimaster
  • Transmit power adjustable from 10mW-1W
  • Excellent receive sensitivity
  • Selectable FEC methods
  • Separate diagnostics port providing transparent remote diagnostics and online network control
  • Supports both wired and wireless firmware upgrade


  • SCADA (PLCs, Modbus), Telemetry
  • Commercial communications
  • GPS vehicle data / tracking, DGPS
  • Electric, oil, and gas utilities / metering
  • Robotics
  • Display signs
  • Wherever transparent, low latency communications is required


  • FCC, IC


Microhard: Spectra/MHX Series
Microhard: Spectra/MHX Series

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