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Spectra920A - 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Modem

A spread spectrum modem with a full spectrum of features, the Spectra 920A can do essentially everything you could imagine a serial modem capable of doing!

From operating in slow mode (optional) where the RF range is awesome, to delivering throughput of 230.4kbps, this modem can handle the full range or serial data communications speeds.

The MHX920A and Spectra920A are being discontinued. The suggested replacement product is the Nano Series n920X2-ENC, contact us for more details!


  • Supports virtually all industrial protocols
  • Industrial grade temperature specifications
  • Supports a wide variety of network topologies
  • User-adjustable from 100mW-1W (maximum allowable) transmit power
  • Low power consumption in sleep mode
  • Selectable forward error correction (FEC)
  • Separate diagnostics port for monitoring the radio network from the Master
    modem location


  • SCADA (PLCs, Modbus), Telemetry
  • Commercial communications
  • GPS vehicle data / tracking, DGPS
  • Electric, oil, and gas utilities / metering
  • Robotics
  • Display signs
  • Wherever transparent, low latency communications is required


  • FCC, IC


Microhard: Spectra/MHX Series
Microhard: Spectra/MHX Series