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n920BD-ENC - 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Modem

The n920BD-ENC takes advantage of the small size of the n920BD OEM module to create an enclosed  modem that is a fraction of the size of our existing Spectra Series Modems. Engineered into this tiny package is the reliability, features, and performance of our larger serial modems!

The n920BD-ENC is being discontinued. The suggested replacement product is the n920X2-ENC, contact us for more details!


  • Supports 19.2kbps to 230.4kbps wireless link rates
  • Quad Filter Stages provides Extreme Noise
    and Interference Rejection
  • Master, Remote and Repeater Modes
  • Supports a variety of network topologies
  • RS232/485 Data Serial Port
  • RS232 Disgnostics Port
  • Adjustable Trasmit Power: 100mW to 1W
  • Wide Operating Temp (-40C to +85C)
  • Low power consumption in Sleep and Sniff modes
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC), 32 bits of CRC, and 128/256-bit AES (export permit may apply)


  • Robotics
  • Remote Telemetry, DGPS
  • Electric, Oil, and Gas Sensors/Detection
  • Display signs
  • Handheld Communications Devices
  • Industrial Communications


  • FCC, IC


Microhard: Nano Series
Microhard: Nano Series

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