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BulletCAT9 - 450 Mbps CAT9 LTE Ethernet/Serial Gateway

Equipped with LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation Technology!

The BulletCAT9 provides a feature packed, compact industrial strength wireless solution using robust LTE Advanced CA technology for critical data communications. This Bullet provides incredibly fast CAT9 LTE connections with speeds of up to 450 Mbps for today's data intensive applications.


  • Ultra Fast CAT9 LTE Operation
  • Up to 450 Mbps Down / 50 Mbps Up
  • LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation
  • Dual SIM (Failover)
  • Gigabit Ethernet w/PoE
  • Full IPv6 & IPv4 Support
  • RS232/485 Serial Data Port
  • Programmable Analog/Digital Inputs
  • Digital Outputs
  • Enhanced Port Forwarding, DMZ
  • Wide Operating Temp (-40C to +85C)
  • Quad Constellation GPS
  • SMS Alerts, Control
  • Monthly/Daily Usage Alerts (SMS/Email)
  • VPN, IPSec with IKE/ISAKMP
  • Multiple Tunnel Support (16)
  • L2TP, Open VPN, Site-to-Site Tunneling
  • GRE Tunnel Support
  • Firewall with ACL Security
  • Configurable via SSH, HTTPS Web Interface
  • Standalone GPS
  • Microhard NMS Integration
  • Local/Remote firmware upgradable


  • IP/Ethernet Wireless Extension
  • Legacy Networks/Device Migration
  • Remote Access, VPN
  • SCADA (PLCs, RTUs, Modbus)
  • Cellular Backbone
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Mobile Internet Access
  • Electric, Oil & Gas Utilities/Metering


  • FCC, IC
  • UL HazLoc (C1D2)
  • Carrier Specific Approvals:
    Verizon, AT&T, Telus, Bell


Microhard: BulletCAT9
Microhard: BulletCAT9

Order Information

Model Part Number
BulletCAT9 MHK117720
BulletCAT9 w/Kit MHK117722

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