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IPn2420 Development Kit

IPn2420 Development Kit

Building on a solid foundation of premium components the Microhard “Development Kits” provide innovative solutions for any of our customers complex development strategies. The IPn2420 Development Kit includes everything needed to test, evaluate and even integrate a pair of IPn2420 radio's to ensure that they will meet or exceed all expectations! Regardless of the application or industry, Microhard is the industry leader in superior design and manufacturing of robust wireless data equipment. Need answers? Contact a Microhard solutions representative today!

The IPn2420 is now obsolete, the recommended replacement is the pMDDL2450, please contact Microhard for more details.

Development Kit Includes:

  • (2) IPn2420 OEM Modems
  • (2) Development Boards
  • (2) Rubber Ducky Antennas
  • (2) MMCX Antenna Cables
  • (2) 12V, 2A Wall Adapters
  • (2) RS-232 Serial Cables
  • (2) CAT5 Ethernet Cables

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