Check out the all new hp900 - Miniature OEM 900 MHz Wireless Modem (Now FCC/IC Approved)!          Check out the New pMDDL1621 - Software Selectable, Tri-Frequency (1.6, 1.8 or 2.0 GHz) 2X2 MIMO Digital Data Link!          The fully loaded BulletPlusAC-CAT9 delivers up to 450 Mbps of CAT9 LTE Data + 802.11AC WIFI!          The IPn4Gii-CAT12 is ideal for Global IoT & SCADA Applications!

pMDDL1621 - Tri-Frequency Digital Data Link

The pMDDL1621 features software-selectable operation in 1.6, 1.8 or 2.0 GHz frequency bands. Available in OEM or Enclosed models and delivering up to 21 Mbps the pMDDL1621 is the ultimate solution for on-the-fly application flexibility!

LTE3CAT4 - IoT Ethernet Gateway

The LTE3 family introduces the smallest IoT devices we have ever made! Available in several models including the LTE3CAT4 which delivers 150|50 Mbps (DL|UL), Ethernet, GPS and available High Power WIFI!

BulletPlusAC-CAT12 - CAT12 LTE Gateway w/WIFI

The BulletPlusAC-CAT12 delivers speeds of up to 600|150 Mbps (DL|UL). Designed to connect all of your devices, the BulletPlusAC is equipped with multiple Ethernet ports, Dual SIM and fast 802.11ac WIFI.

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CDMA Upgrade Trade-in Event

2G/CDMA/3G Sunset Upgrade Event

Carriers are starting to shutdown CDMA, 2G and even some 3G networks. Trade-in your old CDMA/2G/3G devices and get discounts on new LTE devices!



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