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4G Power Supply (MHS025096)

The MHS025096 4G Power Supply enables you to get up and running quickly by simply plugging the power supply into an AC outlet, and with the molded 4 pin connector, directly into the Dragon-LTE.

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Microhard: 4G Power Adapter

4G+WIFI Antenna Accessory Kit (MHS033656)

The MHS033656 4G+WIFI Antenna Accessory Kit gives you everything you need to get your Dragon-LTE cellular modem up and running. This kit includes (2) 4G/LTE Antennas, (1) WIFI Antenna, (1) Power Supply and (1) 6' Ethernet Cable.

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Microhard: 4G+WIFI Accessory Kit (IPn4Gb)

4-Pin Power Cable (MHS041420)

To speed up installations consider ordering prefabricated cables designed for the 4 Pin molex power connector found on the Dragon-LTE product.

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Microhard: 4-Pin Cable