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Radio Network Editor
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Radio Network Editor

Radio Network Editor

The new version of our Radio Network Software can be used with our serial modems to graphically configure, manage, troubleshoot, upgrade and monitor wireless networks. Locations of the radios in the network can be positioned on a detailed, updated map interface with point and click or by entering in precise GPS coordinates. Network status can then be monitored and diagnostics can be used to prevent, identify and resolve problems.


  • Graphical representation of radio networks
  • Precise mapping capabilities via point and click or GPS coordinates
  • Wireless and local firmware upgrade capabilities
  • View Status of deployed units and the wireless link between them
  • Perform sweeping configuration changes of entire radio network
  • Network Discovery allows detection of existing networks
  • The Workspace feature allows management of multiple networks in a single session
  • Schedule & Automate configuration and firmware changes
  • Local or remote configuration of units
  • Embedded Spectrum Analyzer
  • Monitor RSSI, Temperature and Voltage remotely