Traffic & ITS Applications

From city streets to railway crossings and switches, consider a robust Microhard Systems Inc. product to carry your controller data, radar detection data and live video feeds. With the flexibility and throughput of today’s broadband radio hardware, the ability to connect and monitor remote sites is at your fingertips.

Video Feeds

Microhard Corp. manufactures a full line and robust, flexible VIP line broadband equipment that will provide you with consistent, high quality video feeds. Using a combination of point-to-point, mesh and backhaul setups, Microhard's expert staff can help you design the wireless solution to reach the most remote locations. Units are available in 2.4 GHz (Wifi), 5.8 GHz and the advantageous 4.9 GHz Public Safety band.

Interconnect and Beyond

Microhard also manufactures a full line of serial and IP equipment that will easy extend your interconnect system. Microhard’s VIP Broadband products include RS232, RS422 or RS485 serial connectors combined with broadband throughput to incorporate all your hardware into one wireless connection. High throughput backhauls complete the solution.

Application Notes & Case Studies
  • IP Nano & Centracs Compatibility Application Note
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