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Cellular Network 2G/3G Key Sunset Dates (US & Canada)

As Cellular Carriers upgrade their networks to offer 4G/5G services they are slowly phasing out older CDMA, 2G and 3G technologies. Existing 2G and 3G infrastructure is taking up valuable frequency bands that can be used for modern LTE services. Some of these sunset dates are fast approaching, and once a network has been decommissioned you will have no choice but to upgrade your equipment. To minimize disruptions to your network it is recommended to start replacing older devices with newer 4G/LTE devices.

The sunset date refers to a date when a Cellular Carrier will begin decommissioning their CDMA, 2G or 3G network(s) and no longer guarantees service.


Available Upgrade Offers

For a limited time, Microhard is offering special trade-in incentives when upgrading your 2G/3G devices. Send us your old devices (Microhard or comparable devices from other manufacturers) and you could qualify for device discounts. Use the table below to quickly identify a suitable replacement for your system.

LTE Cube Bullet Series BulletPlus BulletPlusAC
Features Microhard: LTECube-1 Microhard: Bullet Series Microhard: BulletPlus Microhard: BulletPlusAC
LTE Cat M, 4, 12 4, 12 4 12
Ethernet 1 1 3 6
Serial No 1-RS232/485 1-RS232/485 2-RS232/485
WIFI Optional No Yes Yes

For information about our trade-in program please contact your Account Manager directly or fill out the form below.

Requests can also be sent to sales@microhardcorp.com.

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